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The Crossroads Martial Arts Curriculium: Lesson 11

Details matter! In BJJ if you want to excel you must learn and then use  as many of the small details you have learned against a resisting opponent. If you neglect the second part of that sentence, if you fail to use the small details you have learned in the technique portion of class during sparring the speed at which you improve will be reduced dramatically. In Lesson 11 of the Crossroads Martial Arts Curriculium we focus on covering essential details of the bump escape and then what to do once you get to the guard if your opponent does 1 of 2 things. 

As a new student it is crucial to learn how to escape bad positions! Of course we all start learning Brazilian Jiu-jitsu because of the amazingly powerful submissions, if you do not have the ability to escape bad spots you will never have the opportunity to use them. In Lesson 11 we cover the bump escape or Umpa escape, one of the most powerful ways to escape the mount positions in BJJ. This escapes takes to from one of the worst positions to be in a self defense situation to being on top where we can begin to dominate a fight.  

From this escape you must be aware of your opponents hand position, if you are not paying attention to how your opponent is grabbing you then they can easily submit you despite being in the bottom position. In Lesson 11 of the Crossroads Martial Arts Curriculium we cover what you should do if your opponent has a deep collar grip versus what you should do if they have a shallow collar grip using the concept of effectience as a guideline for how you should respond. In BJJ efficiency is a huge factor in decision making, if a making a technique work requires a significant amount of force it is not a good move to select. If you exhaust yourself you will start to make poor choices and eventually lose the fight. 

As a new student it is also essential to understand how to escape submissions, once we are in the guard the bottom player has a wide range of submissions he or she can use to end the fight, if we don't know how to escape we will always be tapping to submissions no matter how poorly they are applied. Lesson 11 of the Crossroads Martial Arts Curriculium ends wit defending one of jiu-jitsu 's most powerful submissions, the Kimora. 

If you live in Connecticut, are in the New London, CT area and looking to get in the best shape of your life while learning the worlds most effective form of self defense and the martial art that revolutionized modern MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) stop by Crossroads BJJ and start learning from a black belt on Day 1. We are located 10-15 minutes away from both the Groton Navy Base and the New London Coast Guard Academy and just 5 minutes away the Connecticut college campus. Don't wait, come down try a free class and see what BJJ is all about.

Dustin Rhodes