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BJJ CT: The Turtle Position

July 18, 2017

Tonight was all about knowing what to do from the Turtle position at Crossroads BJJ. If you are unfamiliar with BJJ nomenclature, the turtle position is what we call the position when somebody is on their hands and knees, a position that typically happens when a person is trying to stand up.

Our objective in Jiu-Jitsu is to try to get and keep a fight on the ground, the turtle position is one of the more common ways somebody will try to get off the ground so we must understand how to apply pressure in order to prevent this from happening. In tonight's class we learned a number of different options to maintain the top position and even improve our position when the bottom BJJ player attempts to turn over to attempt to stand. This class was all about where to put pressure while looking for the opportunity to sink in a submission.

We drilled the rear naked choke from two different positions, showing the versatility of this submission, attacking both while the bottom player is rolling away and if we miss that opportunity using pressure to move to back control and looking for the choke again from an even more dominant position! 

Dustin Rhodes