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Crossroads BJJ CT: Fundamentals of Side Control

This past weekend we started Lesson 1 of the Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Curriculum. Starting on the feet with how to defend a standing headlock.  Most of the time when a fight starts it happens before we realize a fight is starting, and you are forced to fight out of a dangerous position. A headlock is a very powerful position where an attacker has control over your neck and head, which gives them the ability to throw you on the ground or keep you in place while they attempt to hit you. In this lesson of the Crossroads BJJ Curriculum we go over how to bring the fight to the ground landing in the top position where we can protect our self from getting punched or kicked, and end the fight safely.

Once the fight has been brought to the ground you need to understand what positions you are safe in and what positions you are in danger. In this BJJ class we teach all of our students in the Groton CT and New London CT area the Fundamentals on the Cross-Side position. The side control position gives you a position where you have an incredible amount of control over your opponent and a large number of submission options. In BJJ we say position before submission, which means we are always looking to secure a position where we are first able to keep ourselves safe. Keeping yourself safe means controlling dominant positions and this is what we covered in our last Fundamentals of BJJ class. Understanding the four different positions you can keep your arms in and what benefits each arm position provides. Once everybody understood this concept we adding a transition to the mount position where we finished the class with a mounted triangle.

Dustin Rhodes