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CT BJJ Fundamentals: Knee on Belly Armbars

Last night during the Crossroads BJJ Fundamentals class we covered how to defend yourself when somebody grabs your throat with both hands. By understanding the 3 stages of combat and the possible dangers in each one we can then use that understanding to put ourselves in the position where we have the best chance to use our Jiu-Jitsu. In this class we worked creating distance between us and the attacker attempting to choke us. By creating distance we move ourselves out of range of the attackers punches and kicks and can then either run or close the distance on our own terms. In last nights class we used a front kick to close the distance and get into the clinch.


From the take down we drilled securing a stable side control position and then transitioning to the knee on belly position to drill a number of details on the armbar. Once you get into the armbar you need to secure the position, and then while keeping everything tight. Of course as always in bjj we never want to have to rely on strength to finish the technique, it is always better to switch to something easier. So we ended class with 3 options to submit your training partner from the position when they are successfully defending our first technique.

Dustin Rhodes