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CT BJJ Team Training: Low Guard Passing

In order to deal with different types of Guard players you need to be able to implement different types of Guard passing. In last nights Team Training class we began working the over-under pass. The over-under pass is a low pass which allows you to apply a large amount pressure on your opponents sternum forcing them to react. It is off of those reactions that you can create opportunities to complete a Guard pass.

In BJJ it is always position before submission so passing the Guard is an essential skill to develop. However at a higher level in order to be able to pass effectively we need to be able to switch directions  mid pass if the way we are moving is blocked. The last two techniques of this BJJ class was switching directions off of a blocked pass, one where we react immediately, and a second where we react a little later. At Crossroads BJJ we refer to this as "Levels of Timing", instead of forcing a pass we accept that our training partner did something well and apply a different technique. In order to excel in Jiu-Jitsu it is essential to work on not forcing techniques during training, and instead always looking to be technical.

Dustin Rhodes