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Fundamentals of BJJ in CT

This Saturday at Crossroads BJJ in CT we began class by drilling how to escape somebody pressing you up against a wall. We discussed how to move to reverse the situation as well as options for how to take your opponent to the ground when they are pressed against a wall.

On the ground we drilled a sequence of techniques starting in the bottom of side control. Because the top of side control is such a dominant position in BJJ we must work to improve our position if we are on the bottom being held down. One option is to escape to Turtle, however if this escape is not done correctly then the position can easily be reversed which is what our third technique of the Crossroads BJJ Fundamentals course was.

In Saturdays BJJ class we covered one way to reverse the Turtle position and catch a Kimora after securing s heavy side control position. A large portion of class was spent discussing proper weight distribution to make sure you aren't just thrown off or knocked of the position. Always remember, position before submission.

Dustin Rhodes