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BJJ CT: The Rolling Drill Collar Chokes and Transitions

This past Saturday we started working on the Rolling Drill in our Fundamentals of BJJ class in New London County CT. The Rolling Drill is a series of techniques strung together in a way where each person can repeat the techniques repeatedly, flowing from position to position. This drill is create for developing timing and paying attention to detail while moving. It is always easier to think of techniques as solitary items, however when we are sparring that is never the case. When you begin to spar you learn that not everything goes your way, your sparring partners defend your techniques, they perform their techniques on you despite your best efforts to defend them, and because of this you must learn to fight from where you are. 

The rolling drill helps teach you the technical thing to do when things aren’t going your way, because the drill is non-resistive, meaning that your partner does not resist any of the techniques you are applying to them you both have the ability to focus solely executing the technical details that make jiu-jitsu ( BJJ ) so effective at the proper time. In Saturdays drill we focused on attacking the basic collar choke but doing it in transition when it is harder to defend. Once everybody say the proper time to attack the collar choke we began working the proper time to defend. BJJ is all about timing your techniques properly, if you do the right technique but your timing is incorrect you will struggle to perform the move and you will end up using to much strength to achieve your objective. If you repeat this mentality through to many positions you will get tired and eventually lose. The rolling drill is a great way to make your jiu-jitsu techniques feel effortless.