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More Kimora’s at Crossroads BJJ

Tonight we started drilling Kimora’s from the bottom position! You’ve been put on your back, but the fight isn’t over. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the Guard offers us a wide array of sweeps and submissions, ways where we can defend ourselves even though to the common eye it appears that we are in an inferior position. In fact not getting submitted in a high level Jiu-Jitsu players guard can seem almost impossible, one wrong move and your tapping!  Luckily at Crossroads BJJ in New London County CT you’re training with your friends so all you have to do is tap and just start over!

The Kimora is a very versatile shoulder lock that can be applied from a number of positions, the grip itself forces your opponent or training to react and this reaction can create opportunities. In last nights class we worked on understanding how to apply the position properly and as well as a two potential escapes. These will be the building blocks for the next several weeks of class, so if you missed Monday make sure you get to class Wednesday when we will review how to generate more power in the submission and begin to add more submissions into the game!

-Dustin Rhodes

Head Instructor

Crossroads BJJ

Waterford, CT

New London / Groton County

Dustin Rhodes