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CT BJJ: Have an impassable guard

One of the things you learn very early on in your Jiu-Jitsu career is that bad positions are bad for a reason. Not only are you more likely to get submitted in an inferior position but these positions can also be very uncomfortable. So while it is extremely important to train yourself to be comfortable in positions like the bottom of side control or mount it is equally important to learn how to prevent your bjj training partner from getting to those positions. The idea of being stuck in these “bad positions” seem so frightening that in most cases just the idea of being trapped is enough to get some people from even attempting to learn Jiu-Jitsu in the first place. 

In your study of Jiu-Jitsu you will learn how to survive and be comfortable in bad positions, then you will learn to escape bad positions and then you will learn to prevent people from getting good position on you at all. There are a number of bjj techniques that are designed to stop the guard pass and this morning at our 6am Jiu-Jitsu class we drilled several of them as responses to different styles of guard passing.  

Learning to protect yourself is really the foundation of all martial arts practices, in Jiu-Jitsu this means bringing the fight to the ground and securing a position where you are safe and your opponent has no effective way to harm you. However we don’t always end up on top in a fight, there are an infinite number of reasons you may end up on your back in a fight and if you don’t know what to do to keep yourself safe you could get seriously hurt.  

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Dustin Rhodes