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BJJ CT: Attacking the Turtle Position

Last night during our Team Training Class at Crossroads BJJ we worked several entries into the Crucifix position from the turtle. The turtle position is when the bottom Jiu-Jitsu player turns to his knees in an attempt to escape the bottom position.

Over the past several weeks in bjj class we focused on attacks from the top of the turtle position, in this Jiu-Jitsu class we look to use our legs to trap an arm of the bottom player. By isolating one of the bottom bjj players limbs we make it much more difficult for them to stop our attacker.

After working two entries into the crucifix position we went on to drill a choke and a reversal from the position, a collar choke and a reversal that allows us to trap the second arm leaving the bottom player unable to use his hands to defend himself.

Don’t miss Wednesday nights team training class where we will continue continue drilling entries into the crucifix from turtle and add some additional finishes to your arsenal.