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6am Jiu-jitsu in Connecticut

This morning we all woke up bright and early to get a little extra time on the mats. We continued working on the rolling drill with a few modifications from Monday and Wednesdays 6am class since today we were working without the gi so we had to make some adjustments for the lack of grips but the flow is still the same. Putting 3 techniques into a smooth and continuous flow to practice thinking ahead and trying to remember all of the details that we have learned over the last week. 

After we were warmed up we modified the drill slightly but kept the same idea of adding our techniques into a flow. changing up our single leg stack pass to a double leg stack pass, which gives us the option to pass to either the left or the right keeping our training partners confused and making our lives a little easier. 

The second technique we added into our flow was a rolling triangle from side control. The triangle choke is most often seen from the guard and occasionally from the mounted position so attacked it from side control gives a nice element of surprise to our jiu-jitsu training partners. We then added a third technique which was simply defending the triangle by getting our posture and using the opportunity to pass the guard and continue working through our flow. 

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