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BJJ CT: Knee on Belly Submissions

Last night during our fundamentals class at Crossroads BJJ we drilled 3 submissions from the knee on belly position. The knee on bell position is a great position that offers a number of submissions, the ability to be mobile d the ability to put the bottom Jiu-Jitsu player under a great deal of pressure. This pressure can cause the bottom bjj player to panic and make mistakes, and this mistakes are opportunities for the person in the top position to find a submission.

In this BJJ class we covered the baseball bat choke, a variation of the baseball bat choke when your initial grip was to loose and an armbar for when the bottom Jiu-Jitsu player attempts to push with their arms to stop the choke from happening. These 3 submissions link together nicely since the defense to one leads to the other. Another great benefit to knowing a number of submissions is that your training partner must be very careful when they are working to escape because one small mistake can lead to a submission. 

After the technical portion of class finished up with a number of positional drills designed to help people master the skills they have learned. Working a technique against somebody who is trying to stop you is much different than working a bjj technique when somebody is letting you do it. So to make sure our techniques will work in the real world we must attempt to stop our friends from being successful in the gym. Only then will we develop the balance, timing and problem solving skills required to be able to truly defend ourselves in a self defense situation.