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BJJ; No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu The X- Guard

Last night during our no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu class we took a look at the X-Guard and how we can  use it to sweep in-order to move from the Bottom Position to the Top position and also how to initiate off balance and then move to a submission. The X-Guard is a modern sport jiu-jitsu guard that allows you to sweep your opponent in several directions keeping them confused on which technique you are attempting to use. The misdirection that the X-guard allows you to use makes transitioning between attacks easier because your opponent can not easily keep his or her balance. 

In this class we drilled two different techniques, a sweep where you move from the bottom to the top position and a counter to the top bjj player defending the first sweep where we move into a leg lock. Because the X-guard puts you so close to the legs there are a wide range of leg locks you can move into, in this particular jiu-jitsu class we transitioned to a calf slicer. Because of the lack of grips the No-Gi Jiu-jitsu game is much different than when you are wearing the GI- or Kimono. So in order to excel in No-Gi Jiu-jitsu you must master the art of transmission and be able to move smoothly from one position to another. The skills you develop training in no-gi jiu-jitsu are a great compliment to those that you learn in the Gi and vice-versa.

If you are interested in learning Brazilian Jiu-jitsu either for Competition or self defense come down to Crossroads Brazilian jiu-jitsu and try a class. Crossroads BJJ offers classes for all levels of jiu-jitsu practitioners whether you have never stepped on the mat and are interested in trying it out or if you have been training for years and are new to the area. If you'd like to know more about BJJ click on our getting started page and get in touch with one of our coaches. Don't wait another Day get started on reaching your goals today!