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CT BJJ: 6AM Classes

Our New and Improved Schedule is a Go and we couldn't have started the first 6AM jiu-jitsu class off on a better note. With 6 People on the mats ready to train we got in some good work before most people are on the road headed to work. The dedication of the students at Crossroads BJJ never ceases to amaze me. At Crossroads BJJ were taking away all the excuses so all you get is results and the formula is simple, the more time you spend on the mats the better your going to feel and the better your jiu-jitsu is going to get. 

We started the class off with a no-resistance flow drill to get everybody moving and get the blood flowing. The rolling drill is one of my favorite drills since it allows you to move through several positions in a continuous loop, this allows you to focus on adding crucial details into your game while learning how to transition from one technique to the next. 

After we warmed up we went onto working on how to maintain your posture in the closed guard. This skill is essential in jiu-jitsu if you want to be able to improve your position and work to a submission. Once everybody understood how to maintain thier posture we working on using the bottom jiu-jitsu players attempt to off balance us and break our posture as an opportunity to pass  the guard. 

We ended the class with a number of positional drills where we attempted to use the techniques we covered in our jiu-jitsu class with our training partner working to stop us. This drilling is what makes jiu-jitsu so effective. Learning how to deal with somebody who doesn't want you to get the bjj technique. It is in these drills you develop good timing, balance and coordination and without these attributes you will never be able to successfully execute your techniques against a resisting opponent who may be bigger, stronger and faster than you.