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CT BJJ: Noon-Jitsu - Throws and Guard Passes

Today during todays noon Jiu-Jitsu class at Crossroads BJJ and Martial Arts we started working some Judo from the stand up position working a simple inside trip and then combining it with an outside trip to get the fight to ground. Since every fight and every competition starts from the standing position learning martial arts techniques from the stand up grappling position is essential for developing balance, coordination and confidence in your technical abilities. It is also important to drill these throws and self defense techniques from the feet because the breathing on the feet is very different than on the ground. 

Once on the ground we drilled a guard pass from the standing position referred to as the Tetere pass, this is a speed pass designed to get you Jiu-Jitsu training partners legs out of position with some quick foot movement and an advantageous grip on the pants. We discussed and drilled several details of the pass to make it more effective and then discussed one potential way that our Jiu-Jitsu training partner could stop the pass. From this defense we drilled a simple ankle lock set up which allowed the top player to attack both the forward and backward directions. Combining your attacks in different directions makes more difficult for your training partner to predict your movements and stop your attack.