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CT BJJ; Side Control Escapes and Submissions

One of the Common themes at Crossroads BJJ lately has been understanding which submissions are available off of techniques performed incorrectly. Looking for mistakes during a technique gives the person on top the correct situations to attempt submissions but also forces the bjj player escaping or transitioning to a different position to execute the technique perfectly. 

In Last nights Team Training Class we continued our study of escaping from the crossface and paid particularly close attention to the position of our arms and how even a slight mistake can lead to a much more difficult experience while escaping. In this class we were working escaping using an underhook and then based on the top BJJ players reaction to that undertook selecting the proper technique to use. Drilling two possible options to escape using the undertook means we will not be fighting out of a bad position with strength because at Crossroads BJJ we always want to train in a way where we assume that our opponent will be stronger, bigger and faster than us. This means if we are only successful using a technique when we put all of our strength behind it then when we have to grapple with somebody who is stronger than us we will lose and the bjj technique will not work effectively.

There are some common mistakes that are made when attempting to get to the undertook position and these mistakes not only allow the top bjj player to hold the bottom player down and prevent there escape but also allow them to attack the arm. In Last nights Team Training class we went over the kimora and the straight armbar off of these mistakes. Jiu-jitsu is a game of inches and if we can take advantage of our Jiu-Jitsu training partners moving an inch in the wrong direction then we will be successful.