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CT BJJ: The Leg Lock Game

Last night during our competition Training Class at Crossroads BJJ we delved deeper into the leg lock game. If you want to be successful competing in the current jiu-jitsu scene you need to have a good understanding of leg locks and leg lock defense and because your legs make up 50 percent of your body it only makes sense to learn this aspect of the bjj game. With the development of the submission only competition scene leg attacks make even more sense when you get no points for passing the guard. Why waste all your energy attempting to pass the guard of a high level jiu-jitsu player if he or she is leaving their legs open to a submission. 

After everybody was warmed up we began working a leg pummeling drill. Based on the idea that your legs are safe from being attacked in certain position and susceptible to being attacked in others this drill allowed us to work getting out of dangerous spots and into safe spots without having to worry about the submission just yet. After drilling this skill we began working on an foot lock entry, discussing where exactly you want your legs to be positioned to prevent our jiu-jitsu training parter from escaping easily. Once everybody understood where to put their legs we began drilling for speed. In jiu-jitsu seconds and even milliseconds count, once you see an opening you don't want to hesitate or the opportunity will disappear. You must be able to recognize an opportunity and jump on it. 

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