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Kid-Jitsu: Effective Martial Arts for Children

Another great Kids Martial Arts Class in the books at Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. With the main goal of the Kids Martial Arts class at Crossroads BJJ being to get all of our students to understand how to move there bodies, gaining both balance and coordination which in turn gives them confidence in themselves. 

This class started off with balance drills and a lot of movement to get everybody ready for technique. While Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that focuses primarily on controlling somebody larger and stronger on the ground it is important that our students have good balance so that if they every have to use there Jiu-Jitsu to protect themselves from a bully that they don't just fall down, Body Control is essential to excelling in the martial arts. 

During the technical portion of class we worked another simple sweep, and then moved into a position where the top student could control the bottom student, and then worked to a position were the top student had an even greater advantage. Our focus in the kids martial arts class is always on how to control somebody bigger than you. If your child is ever bullied, the bully will most likely be larger than them and if they are larger then they are generally stronger. In the Kids martial arts class we drill simple techniques that every student can perform on their first day, everything is about giving your child the confidence they need to carry themselves in a way where they are not a target for bullies.