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Noon-Jitsu: Learning a complete Martial Art

Yesterday at Noon-Jitsu Crossroads BJJ 's 12pm Jiu-Jitsu class had a great showing, with 8 guys on the mats taking a little time off of work to get some mat time in at the gym. With the new and improved space we have been able to incorporate more Judo and wrestling into our training. With this class starting off with a judo throw referred to as knee wheel. From this throw we drilled  a defense and then the counter to the defense. 

While at Crossroads BJJ and Martial Arts we have a large focus on the more traditional Gracie Jiu-JItsu self defense curriculum we also work to incorporate more judo and wrestling throws and defense's because these martial arts give you amazing balance, footwork and timing in the stand up position. Drilling and sparring takedowns gives you valuable experience in what its like to deal with a resisting opponent on the feet if you ever have to use your martial arts techniques to actually defend yourself in a fight.

On the ground we drilled two guard passes with a focus on understand strong angles and why you always want to put yourself in a strong position before you attempt any technique you do, in jiu-jitsu or BJJ if you try an offensive technique from a bad position it will be easily countered. Jiu-jitsu is the triumph of intellect over brute strength, so the goal at Crossroads BJJ is to understand jiu-jitsu as much as possible and then use that knowledge when we are sparring with our friends