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Noon-Jitsu: Pressure Passing

Today at Noon-Jitsu at Crossroads BJJ we started off warming up with some judo. Because every fight whether on the streets, in an MMA bout, or a Jiu-Jitsu competition starts on the feet it is essential that you understand how to fight or grapple at this range. By practicing how to move and stay balanced when somebody is resting their weight on you and pulling you in different directions we learn how to prevent other people from taking us down and give ourselves a better chance that when the fight does go to the ground we are in an advantageous position, on top applying pressure and in control. A large part of jiu-jitsu is controlling your opponent, and this applies to techniques on the ground as well as standing. 

On the ground we have continued to work pressure passing with our over under pass. At a high level passing requires you to pin your Jiu-jitsu training partner to the ground, if you can not accomplish this they will be able to reposition themselves and prevent your from improving your position. Creating a strong angle between your opponent and yourself and creating walls allow us to stop the bottom player from repositioning themselves and successfully pass the guard. 

In this class's submission we drilled the knee bar from the over under pass position. This knee-bar can be used to finish or create a reaction to make passing easier. If the bottom jiu-jitsu player is using their lead leg to stop the top player from achieving a better position they can switch to attacking the knee which will either lead to a finish or fore the bottom jiu-jitsu player to drop the leg and allow the pass. This series of BJJ techniques is an excellent example of how physics and angles along with balance, pressure and connection can allow a much smaller person to successfully defeat an larger stronger opponent. By using all of your body against a weak ligament, tendon or muscle of your opponent you can control and submit them.