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The Rolling Drill: Moving through Jiu-jitsu attacks and defenses

Yesterday Mornings 6AM jiu-jitsu focused on drilling, With new students always joining Crossroads BJJ drilling gives everybody a chance to learn new techniques in a way that engrains them into there muscle memory, and gives senior students the time to gain a deeper understanding of the techniques they already know. One of the difference between a white belt and a blue belt is that a blue belt can perform a higher number of details in each technique under pressure. This ability to know more details and then remember them while sparring is a product of repetition. 

In the 6AM class we drilled 3 techniques and when to use them, the stack pass, taking mount and the bump and roll, With each cycle trying to remember as many of the details of the technique as we could. The rolling drill allows martial arts techniques to be drilled in a way that is similar to sparring but with out our partner resisting every step of the way. If you can not remember all of the details in this format, it will be impossible to remember them under pressure. 

The Jiu-Jitsu rolling drill also allows us to study how and when to move from an offensive mindset to a defense mindset, as positions change the rules change. for example in Jiu-Jitsu when I am in the guard i can extend my arms, once somebody has passed my guard I can not extend my arms. So you must learn when the person has passed your guard and you need to change how you are using your arms. The rolling drill allows us to flow through these position repeatedly so we understand exactly when the positions change. If you want to be successful in Jiu-Jitsu, the key is drilling.