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6AM Jiu-Jitsu: Start your day right!

Today during our 6am Jiu-Jitsu class at Crossroads BJJ we discussed one method of escaping the back position but because 6am is a bit early we always start off with the rolling drill, moving through Jiu-Jitsu techniques without resistance to practice our bjj technique, improve our timing and get the blood moving. 

Once everybody was warmed up we worked on how to escape back control. In today’s bjj class we discussed proper hand positioning to defend against the attacks the bjj player in the dominant position will be attempting to use. By keeping our hands in the proper position and our elbows tight we give ourselves the oppertunity to choose an escape where we end up on top where in last Tuesday’s fundametals class where the person in back control had already secured a dominant grip which forces us to use a different escape where we improve our position but are still on the bottom. So by paying attention to little details like our arm position we can provide outself with better options to escape!

Dustin Rhodes