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Kid-Jitsu: Martial Arts Skills that Matter

Another amazing kids martial arts class in the book! Last night me kids martial arts class at Crossroads BJJ focused on three techniques, a safe an effective takedown, how to get to the mount position which is one of the Safest places to be if one of our students ever has to use thier Jiu-Jitsu, what do do if the person on the bottom rolls and how to stop them from rolling. 

While these are all great martial arts techniques to know in the crossroads bjj kids martial arts program we also focus on skills that help our students thrive both at school and at home. Each and every class we are helping our students get better at working with the other students, and to be good training partners. Being a good training partner means being focused, paying attention to the martial arts instructors instructions and being ready to help the other students drill. Working well and cooperating with others is a skill that we all use both in school and when we become adults in our jobs, so learning this valuable skill in an environment that is engaging and fun makes it easy!   

If your interested in having your son or daughter try one of our kid-Hutus classes simply click the getting started link and reach out to one of our coaches. We also offer an amazing family training package that allows you and your child to learn this amazing skill together.

Dustin Rhodes