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CT BJJ: Sweep to Submission

This mornings 6am Jiu-Jitsu class covered attacking during transitions, attacking sweeps and then before landing in the dominant position attacking a submission. This mornings Jiu-Jitsu class focused on the windmill sweep and a variation of the windmill sweep where we control the opposite leg. By controlling the leg of the Jiu-Jitsu player on top we can prevent them from maintaining a strong base making it easier to off balance them.

Developing a strong base is one of the first skills that new Jiu-Jitsu players need to develop to start being successful in bjj. Without a strong base and good balance you will constantly find yourself in the bottom position unable to work any of your own attacks. The flip side of this is that if we want to achieve the top position we must learn how to manipulate the balance of our bjj training partners if we want to achieve the dominant position where we can use gravity and our body weight to control our Jiu-Jitsu training partners.  

However once we have have been training for a while our Jiu-Jitsu training partners will work very hard to prevent the submission once you have achieved the doonant position. By understanding where to keep their arms and legs they can make it extremely difficult to end the match. So by attacking the submission before landing in the mount we can catch our bjj training partners off guard and make catching the submission almost effortless.  

Dustin Rhodes