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CT BJJ: The Leglock game

Every Monday and Wednesday night the dedicated students at Crossroads BJJ step on the Mat and look to hone their skills. As a martial artist and a grappler we should all seek to have well rounded skills, in the beginning this means understanding the five major positions both on top and on the bottom, knowing not just how to attack put also how to defend. As you advanced in your training being well rounded also includes grappling without the gi, learning takedowns and understanding leg locks.

Last nights no-gi bjj class covered leg locks, specifically moving between different entanglement positions as our Jiu-Jitsu training partner reacts to both the threat of being in an inferior position and the threat of the actual submission. As coach Cooke covered how to transition from a standard ashi-Garami to double outside ashi, he discussed the benifit each position provides and which submissions you should be looking for.  

The leg lock game in Jiu-Jitsu is extremely intricate and requires just as much study as the upper body game does, just as old school Jiu-Jitsu teaches us how to control the upper body while looking to submit with either an arm lock or choke hold the new school leg lock game uses the same principles applied to the lower body, various control positions leading to a submission.

If your interested in learning more about leg locks swing by Crossroads bjj in Waterford, ct just minutes away from the Groton Navy Base, the New London Coast Guard academy and both Mitchell and Connecticut college. With 6am, noon and evening classes you’ll always be able to find time to train no matter how busy your schedule gets!