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​Kid-Jitsu in Connecticut

Another great kid-jitsu Martial arts class happened last night at Crossroads BJJ. As these young martial artists continue to show up to class and learn Jiu-Jitsu we continue to see them get stronger, more confidant and more coordinated. Through performing several drills designed help develop balance, and coordination all of our students are really beginning to move like real Jiu-Jitsu players and demonstrating the confidence that goes along with training martial arts.

After drilling several techniques and talking about the values of working well with others and demonstrating good sportsmanship 3 of our kid-jitsu students earned stripes on their white belts for demonstrating discipline on the mats along with several other qualities we look for in our students! Each one of these students is now one step closer to earning their next belt and we couldn’t be prouder of them!