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CT BJJ: The modern Jiu-Jitsu game

As Jiu-Jitsu has evolved since the early days of the UFC and the Gracie Family bringing Jiu-Jitsu to America many techniques have been created and many trends in bjj have come and gone, but none of these trends have been as significant as the latest evolution in the Jiu-Jitsu game, the modern leg locking systems.  

If you are learning Jiu-Jitsu and not putting at least some of your training time into learning leg locks, you are doing yourself a disservice. With our regular training defending even the simplest entries and transitions is impossible. At Crossroads BJJ our no-gi Jiu-Jitsu class incorporates leg locks and leg lock transitions into almost every class giving those students who desire to more fully understand Jiu-Jitsu an opportunity to grow beyond the fundamentals class! 

In tonight’s no-gi bjj class we covered moving between 50-50, 80-20 and the honey hole leg locking positions with Coach James Erving several locks in each position. Because of how are knees hand hips are constructed understanding how to position your legs so that you are not in danger of being submitted but your training partner is, is one of the first steps in understanding the leg lock game.  

If you are interested in learning more about modern Jiu-Jitsu click on our getting started page and one of our instructors will help answer any questions you have about getting started! Everybody had the potential to become a Brazilial Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, But you will never achieve that goal if you don’t step on the mat! 

Dustin Rhodes