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CT BJJ: The scissor sweep

this week at Crossroads BJJ we’ve been studying the scissor sweep, learning how to apply the technique, how to shut down the Jiu-Jitsu technique and then what techniques can be applied based on those defenses. It is this process of action and reaction that makes Jiu-Jitsu so effective. In a fight or a competition there will always be resistance to what you are attempting to do. The person who you are against wants to win just as badly as you, so they will always act in their best interested. If you attempt to sweep them, they will try very hard to prevent this, it is this resistance that sets up your second and third techniques.

The scissor sweep is a very old school and very simple way to move from the bottom to the top position which involves using your legs to elevate and then push your partner over. While covering this technique in class we discussed the ideas of balance, positioning and pressure. From the scissor sweep we then a few variations and then went on to discuss how to arm drag from the position ending in back mount. This Thursday in the fundamentals class we will continue to work back control covering how to maintain the position as well as how to sweep if your attempt get to the back fails. 

if your interested in learning bjj and live in southeastern Connecticut come by, try a class, and experience what makes Jiu-Jitsu one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences of your life. You will not only learn the skills you need to defend yourself but you will also meet an amazing group of positive, friendly and goal oriented people. The secret to success in anything is to surround yourself with the right people, so come down, get started and start achieving your goals!