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Kids Martial Arts


Skills For Life

At Crossroads our Kids Martial arts program has one main goal; Keeping your child safe. As a parent our children’s safely is the most important thing in the world. The main goal of the Crossroads Kids Program is to provide your child with the skills they need in order to keep themselves safe. Our Children’s Martial Arts program is designed to give kids the skills they need to deal with two types of situations, an Adult who may be trying to Abduct them and another child who is trying to bully them.

Your child understanding what to do when somebody much larger than them is trying to abduct them is a vital skill. The techniques we teach for this situation are designed for your child to get away as quickly as possible. Beyond Techniques we also teach your child how to avoid dangerous situations before they happen. Our Kids martial arts classes are designed to teach the physical aspects of a martial art but also important decision making skills like When is it okay to say no, when is it time to run to get help, and when is it time to yell for help?


The second reason your child may have to use the lessons they will learn at Crossroads is to diffuse situations with school Bullies. In order to do well in school your child has to be focused and feel comfortable getting ready each morning. Living in fear of a bully can make learning almost impossible. Through specific games and exercises your child will gain the confidence that will detour a bully from seeing them as a victim, and in the situation where a bully does try to physically harm your child, he or she will have the knowledge and confidence to be able to protect him/herself without having to cause physical harm to the bully.

Every kids class at Crossroads is designed to help empower your child with Martial Arts Values, increasing focus, and giving them Self Discipline, and Self Confidence. Most importantly every class is designed to be fun! Learning any new skill takes practice and making sure your child enjoys every class at Crossroads gives them the desire to keep practicing. Continuous practice shows that if your child puts there mind to it they can accomplish anything!


Great experience for my 7-year-old. He's not only learning bjj technique and skill, but focus, discipline and respect. Dustin and the other coaches at Crossroads BJJ are patient and great with kids. I highly recommend Crossroads BJJ! - Shaun Punzalan


When we came to Crossroads, we were looking for a safe place for our son to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We found that and so much more! Dustin and his coaching team are attentive and serious about teaching. The children learn Jiu Jitsu, respect and focusing in an environment that is fun and welcoming! - Tania Ranelli