Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Experience Jiu-Jitsu Directly from the Gracie Family


Jiu-jitsu directly from the source

The Gracie Family redefined martial arts by reminding people what works in the movies doesn’t always work in the streets. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu’s roots are the streets of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the techniques that didn’t work in real street fights where thrown away, and the ones that work were refined using timing and leverage so that even those with no athletic ability could execute them and successfully defend themselves. Crossroads brings in Members of the Gracie family for you to learn technique directly from the family that created BJJ.


The techniques and philosophies taught by the Gracie Family will always work in a real fight. Understanding how to close the distance, how to bring the fight to the ground and end the fight with a submission is something the Gracie family has done for Generations. This technique is something you will experience first hand training at Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.


I recently started training bjj in New London Connecticut at Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Crossroads is everything I could have hoped for in a training school.  There is a "fundamental" class that meets four times a week that is a perfect introduction to the sport/martial art for a beginner such as myself.  The instructors are excellent, the facility is clean, and the curriculum is designed to be safe, fun, and informative.  Classes start on time and end on time.  Not a second is wasted during a Crossroads training session.  My only wish is that I had started this years ago.
Crossroads BJJ White Belt


Great instructors, great training environment! Safe, fun and most important, they train hard. Dustin Rhodes is a great Jiu Jitsu black belt!
-Sonny Parlin
Rob Kahn Brown Belt