Crossroads Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Safe - Fun - Effective


the best part of the day is bjj

At Crossroads we subscribe to the philosophy that the more people we have on the mat the better we all become. While right now you may have no Martial arts or Grappling experience what-so-ever soon you will become one of our training partners and providing us with valuable training experience. By ensuring a safe training enviorment people train more often and get better faster, and by training with more people we get to refine our technique faster. 


It is the mentality of keeping our training partners safe that makes BJ not only fun but also highly effective. At Crossroads you will never experience a boring class, we are always going over something new, whether its a new detail,ora new way to think about jiu-jitsu class is always fun.


Crossroads is the ultimate package. A great workout within a clean excellent environment. The people who train there are friendly and have that sense of unity. Instructions are broken down to what will work vs what wont. This is real jiu jitsu.
_Kyle Vanese


Dustin Rhodes is one of the most dynamic BJJ practitioners I have ever seen. He not only can compete at the highest levels, but he has the innate ability to teach all levels of BJJ in a digestible manner. These are very rare attributes possessed by any martial art instructor. Whether you want to attain a clear understanding of the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or you want to take your game to the next level extremely quickly, Crossroads BJJ is where you want to be. I have learned so much just by watching Dusty on the mat. He has progressed my game tremendously.
-Kiley Lynch
Tim Burrill BJJ Blue Belt